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File sharing networks that use peer to peer (P2P) technology are a widely known source of movie and music downloads. The content on these networks is often illegal and might contain viruses, malware, etc. Most of the software used for the P2P networks is free. That hasn't stopped some sites from advertising millions (or billions) of free movie and music downloads for a small monthly or lifetime membership fee. For your membership fee you receive the sites' recommendation and (supposedly) support for free file sharing software.

The goal of this section is to provide a list of sites profiting from recommending P2P file sharing software and misleading people into thinking they have access to billions of free legal downloads. The movie and music industry have taken legal action against thousands of individuals for downloading and/or sharing copyrighted material. The problem is these sites lead you to believe that you will be able to download millions of legal movies. In the small print they advise you to follow all copyright laws.

Here is the list of sites involved. This is by no means complete but we will add more sites as we notice them. If in doubt compare the one your looking at to some of these.

We are developing reviews for each site listed below to encourage people to steer clear. However, we will not link to any of the sites as we do not want to promote their services in any way. Click on any link below to read our review of the site.


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