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CinemaNow offers the largest selection with over 10,000 movies, TV shows and music videos from major studios including Disney, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Vivid Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Warner Brothers.

Movies – CinemaNow offers you two options for buying movies online. You can “Download-to-own” which provides unlimited viewing on up to three PC's or portable devices. They also offer a “Burn-to-DVD” selection which allows you to burn burn the movie to play on DVD player.

Movie Rentals – think of movie rentals kind of like you would “pay-per-view” movies. Once you select a movie it takes about an hour or so to download via high-speed connection. You can either watch the film while it downloads or wait until after it completes. Movies can be watched offline which means you can download movies prior to traveling and watch them away from home.

TV Shows – CinemaNow give you a second chance to watch your favorite TV shows. Popular shows including Family Guy, Prison Break and 24 can be download by episode or grab an entire season.

Watch on Portable Player – you can watch CinemNow videos and TV shows on compatible portable devices. The list currently includes Archos series 4 and 5 as wel as the Samsung P1. For more information see our full list of CinemaNow compatible devices.

Movie Search – CinemaNow allows you to search for content by title, actor, director or keyword. Browse by genres or use the “quick browse” feature.

Movie File Sizes – premium movies are between 1.2 and 1.5 gigs. Standard films run around 700k.

Parental Controls – CinemaNow has a wide selection of mature content so be careful to setup parental controls if kids are around. They make it easy for you to setup parental controls. We suggest you do this the first time you login since it is turned off by default.

Pricing – see table at top of page. Movie rentals range from $2.99-$3.99. Movies range $8.99-$19.99. TV shows are $1.99 each and the CinemaNow subscription service runs $9.95 a month.

Bottom Line – with the widest selection of movies and tv shows to download CinemaNow has something for everyone. If looking for a monthly subscription service then CinemaNow compares well to Vongo. For purchases CinemaNow and Amazon Unbox are both good choices.

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