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- Amazon Unbox offers over 5,000 movies and tv shows starting at $.99. You can purchase or rent titles from about every major tv network and movie studio. Play them of your PC, television or portable player.

Movies - purchase and download movies from Amazon Unbox and enjoy them anytime you want. They are yours to watch on PC, tv or portable player an unlimited number of times. They never expire and you can make back them up to DVD. Movie purcahses range from $.99 to $14.99.

Movie Rentals - watch Amazon Unbox movie rentals while they download or wait up to 30 days to start viewing. Once you begin watching the movie you have 24 hours to complete it. This makes it easy to download films prior to a trip and then watch them while away. Movie rentals prices range from $.99-$3.99.

TV Shows - download you favorite television shows for only $1.99 an episode. It only takes around 10 minutes per episode to download to either PC or portable device. Amazon Unbox is the exclusive provider of NBC shows. They cover major networks (NBC, CBS, FOX) and series from networks including Comedy Central, Showtime, Discovery, BBC, Nickelodeon and many more.

Watch on Portable Player - Amazon Unbox supports a wide range of portable devices. They specifically support PlaysForSure compativle devices including models from Creative, Sandisk, Archos, iRiver, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba.

Movie Search - like the rest of Amazon the search options for movies and tv shows are detailed. Search by title, category, genre, tv network, movie studio, top sellers, new movies / tv shows, specials and much more.

File Sizes - Amazon Unbox offers two file versions. A DVD quality file along with an optional version better suited for portable devices. File sizes vary on whether or not you choose to download the portable version. Here are the estimates:

  • 30 min tv show - 500 MB (600 MB including portable file)
  • 60 min tv show - 1.0 GB (1.2 GB including portable file)
  • 2 hour movie - 1.9 GB (2.4 GB including portable file)

Download Time - with a 3 Mbps broadband connection you can start watching movies within 2.5 to 5 minutes. The movie / tv show will continue to download while you watch. Slower connections will take more time.

Parental Controls - there are no parental controls needed for Amazon Unbox since they do not offer adult content. The site is very family friendly.

RemoteLoad - Amazon RemoteLoad allows you to buy a video from one PC and have it download to another computer ot TiVO DVR. This is a very cool feature. You could order a moview before leaving work and have it ready to watch when you get home.

Pricing - see table at top of page. Movies range $.99-$14.99. TV shows are $1.99 each and movie rentals range from $.99-$3.99. Amazon's one click purchasing allows you to start downloading immediately.

Bottom Line - Amazon Unbox offers a wide selection of movies and tv show downloads with over 5,000 titles to choose from. They support a wide variety of devices including PC, TiVO and PlaysForSure compatible portable players.

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